Liberation of Human Health

Explore important milestones of natural medicine research and modern Cellular Medicine. Accompanied by numerous controversies, they are crucial for the preventive health of present and future generations.

21st Century Health Education

With today’s digital possibilities, we finally have the tools for realizing an old dream of humankind: preventive healthcare.

Movement of Life

The Movement of Life focuses on encouraging people to create hands-on pilot projects in the areas of health, food, water, energy, knowledge, and work.

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16th Century: Liberation of the Mind

In the Medieval Age, the oppression of the peasants was only possible because education and knowledge were systematically withheld from them. It was only after people learned to read and write that they were able to free themselves, and then think and act on their own initiative.

This became the birth of modern times.

21st Century: Liberation of Human Health

Today we are on the threshold of liberating our bodies from pharma-oriented medicine, a system of disease care that is only symptom- and profit-oriented. Each and every day, more and more people are learning that the Cellular Medicine approach to healthcare treats diseases safely and effectively, without side effects.

Our generation will write history!

The liberation of human health is the next great goal that unites all of humankind, it crosses all national, cultural, and religious boundaries.

“We are facing a truly breathtaking century. Nobody can stop the liberation of human health!” – Dr. Matthias Rath

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“Health” can be understood by everyone

“Health” is doable for everyone

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