Preventive Health Garden

It´s quite simple: The more micronutrients we consume each day, the healthier we become. Everything depends on this: how often we get sick, how fit we stay during the day, and even how quickly (or slowly) we age. All of this is closely connected to nutrition.

Micronutrients not only protect the body from the inside, they also prevent major diseases. Not many people realize that the right fruits and vegetables, rich in healthy ingredients, can protect against cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, psoriasis, depression, and other chronic diseases.

With our educational garden we would like to show how you can grow your own micronutrients at home, right there in your garden or on your balcony. Loaded with additional research and information, this garden provides a good overview on the healthy properties of plants. Did you realize that you can promote healthcare right there on your doorstep?

Come along! Travel with us on the path to good health!