CHE 360 Videos

Imagine climbing on the tower of the Castle Church in Wittenberg. You are standing on the platform 30 meters above the ground. You turn around and have a 360° view of everything below. This unique perspective will instantly give
you a new understanding about the structure and functioning of city life.

Our CHE 360 Videos allow you to take a virtual journey inside your body.

They even give you a completely new understanding regarding the structure and function of the life of your cells. Your head movements direct the camera without limits, giving you complete control over what you see. Welcome to Virtual Reality!

A smart phone and a pair of headphones are all you need to travel inside this totally new world of your body. Imagine, you directly enter the inside of a cell and experience what it feels like to be inside these building blocks of life. You are surrounded by all the elements that our cells are made of, and you understand their function.